Go farther and stay out longer with the TOPO DC POWER.




Unique & Purpose-built

Topo DC Power products are unique and purpose-built it means that our products have been specifically designed and created to meet a particular need or to perform a specific task in an efficient, effective, and purposeful manner. Our products have not been simply modified or adapted from pre-existing components or designs, but instead has been created from the ground up to fulfill its intended purpose. This approach has resulted in a series of products that are optimised for its intended use and that provides better performance, functionality, or outcomes than products that have been created using pre-existing designs or components.


The design of the TOPO DC products reflects not only a product but also a philosophy.

The solid casing can wear the hard knocks and rigours of use. These knocks and scratches create a patina that tells stories about you and your adventures. On the inside is the perfection of a well-engineered product with all things in their rightful place. Combining this with a weathered or mundane outer case forms a contrast that is pleasing to the eye. Where true beauty comes when you combine perfection with imperfection.


Topo DC Power’s, portable lithium power systems and MAG series DC power distributions boards are proudly Australian-made, we are committed to creating, designing and manufacturing premium quality products for our valued customers. With over 4 decades of experience serving the Australian market, we have a deep understanding of the unique needs and demands of our customers. Our purpose-built, unique products are the result of our unwavering commitment to excellence, and our focus on delivering the very best in quality, value, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence and our deep roots in the Australian community have made us a trusted and reliable source for products that are made with care and built to last.



Topo’s Modern dual battery systems are designed to be installed outside the engine compartment or “under the bonnet” for improved safety, performance, and reliability. These systems may be installed in a variety of locations, such as the rear cargo area, or in a battery box or tray mounted to the chassis or body. The benefit of moving the dual battery system outside of the engine compartment is that it allows for better heat dissipation, which can help extend the life of the batteries and improve overall system performance.Improved accessibility, and reduced risk from other hazards.

Topo’s Modern portable dual battery systems halve dual battery installation and wiring costs, are longer lasting offering over 2000+ charge cycles, are 1/3 the weight and are more compact than traditional lead -acid batteries. Additionally, offering better value, more flexible installation options, saving valuable weight and space for extra gear and makes maintenance and troubleshooting easier.

Topo lithium power systems are a true complete Plug & Play battery system. Charge anywhere with Built-in FAST charging, from Vehicle (Blue), Solar (Red)  and Mains (Yellow) power simultaneously.

Protected in a tough steel casing is a built-in intelligent battery management, effecient and robust charging system to maximise battery performance and a powerful, long lasting,Maintenance-free lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery to provide safe and convenient energy storage and transfer.

Enjoy the work of a well- engineered purpose built & designed system.

Tough Steel Case

Protection from hard knocks of everyday use

Smart Protection

 Audible Warnings and Auto-cut offs for over/under voltage

12V Portable Power

Powerful = Stable Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Solar Charging

Built-insolar regulator Max 25A input

Battery Management

Built-in-over-charge and over-discharge protection

Short Circuit Protection

Built-in magnetic circuit breakers for overload protection

Mains Charging

Complete with battery charger & power supply

Vehicle Charging

Built-in 40Amp DC/DCvehicle charging system


Topo lithium systems are an ideal replacement for your traditional Vehicle Dual battery system or the ultimate backup redundancy  battery system. The Centerfire is our most portable, versatile and powerful lithium battery with over 65 “usable” amps at just 10.5Kg. The units Blue Vehicle charge input has a built-in FAST efficient DC/DC charger, built-in Vehicle Voltage Sense and built-in Isolating Relay protecting your starter battery from going flat. A true Plug and Play portable design allows for the Topo lithium battery systems to be used across multiple scenarios and vehicles in its lifetime. You’re off ready to go with a rated 50A Anderson connector and wiring from your Vehicle’s starter battery.

Standalone/Off grid

TOPO’s Long Range lithium is the latest in mobile power solutions, having campers, tourers and caravan users in mind for those extended planned trips away.

With either a massive 12v 144Ah( 1728Wh) or 216Ah(2592Wh) slim-line lithium battery, this system with all its built-in features will make sure you are protected and able to maximise the length of your trips off the grid. This system maintains the ease of use and Plug & Play-ability of the Centerfire. Standard across all Topo lithium systems Charge from Vehicle, Solar or Mains simultaneously.


The Centerfire is a true portable Plug & Play modular power system.

A system that has multi-use, equally at home in case of an emergency, hooked up in your vehicle as a second battery or as a portable power unit to be used at camp or at your next event. Clearly, labelled and colour-coded makes our systems intuitive by design. It offers over 65 usable amps weighing only 10.5 kg and can be carried one-handed. Built into a steel case for rugged reliability, the Centerfire is protected inside and out from the rigours of daily use. When not in use our lithium battery systems will remain positively charged and maintenance-free for over a year and ready to use and accept a charge from Vehicle, Solar or Mains simultaneously when called to action.

Who is the Creator?

Topo is a family-owned Australian company that produces low voltage power solutions. Founder, Francis and son Ronald have over 50 years experience and have created many well-established products and electrical components across the spectrum of DC power. These include marine and agricultural electronics, off-grid and solar solutions  as well as the recently popular Powertop portable power system. Topo lithium power systems were created on the back of these experiences.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Topo’s inventive streak aims to deliver quality and meaningful cost-effective electrical systems to all.