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The New Centerfire Lithium

Mobile Power. Made for Adventure.


The Centerfire has a massive 12V 72Ah (864Wh) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. At around 10kg's, it is less than a third the weight of a traditional lead acid battery. The Centerfire also features a handle which folds flat, allowing for easy storage and handling.


The Centerfire is built into sturdy steel casing to protect your battery from the hard knocks of regular use. LiFePO4 is naturally stable battery, and with Topo's battery management system protecting it from the inside, the Centerfire is built to last.


With three inbuilt chargers, the Centerfire candraw power from mains, 12V or vehicle battery and solar power sources. At home or on the trail, the Centerfire gives you access to fast, clean energy wherever you are.

What makes the Centerfire different?

The Centerfire is the latest in mobile power solutions. Built to withstand the harshest environments and tailored for adventure. It is the toughest portable power supply out there. It has the flexibility of being chargeable from mains, vehicles or solar power sources. It is a complete all in one power solution.

The Centerfire is a powerful, versatile, tough and convenient power supply.
Go farther and stay out longer with the Centerfire Lithium.

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