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Go farther and stay out longer with the TOPO DC POWER.

TOPO DC POWER products are covered by a 24 month workshop warranty, subject to T&C’s

TOPO DC Power offers limited technical assistance on our products by phone and in store during regular office hours.
Please prepare the following information ahead of your call.

• Product model and serial number
• A description of your concern or potential product fault

Australia: Phone: (08) 9457 7809


1. Consult the Users’ Guide if applicable.
2. If the product still exhibits the problem, contact TOPO DC Power within the warranty period and no later than 30 days after the discovery of the claimed defect (whichever comes first)
3. Please remove and retain all accessories or cables that are not related to or part of the fault. To assist our technicians please include a full description of the fault and the circumstances in which the fault has occurred.
4. Return the goods to the address listed below.
5. TOPO DC Power maintains serial number records (where applicable) of warranty entitlement for all products shipped and/or registered, and this will be used to validate your end warranty date. If you disagree with TOPO DC Power identification of warranty entitlement, you must provide proof of purchase before any warranty service can be performed.
6. IMPORTANT note: –”TOPO DC Power” cannot be held responsible for loss of data. In some products, repair to the goods may result in loss of the data. This may include, for example, settings or recorded data. TOPO DC Power recommends that you back up and secure your data prior sending the goods for repair or service.


Tel: (08) 9457 7809
Return Address: 3 Whyalla Street, Willetton WA 6155




Warranty for all products is provided in addition to the other rights held by a consumer under Australian Law.
Under these laws you are entitled, as a consumer, to a replacement or refund if a product does not perform as it was advertised to, and for compensation of reasonable damages or losses incurred. You are also entitled to product replacement or repair if the products are deemed to not be usable or failure does not result in completely non-usable products.


• The first date of purchase is when the warranty period begins. Warranty periods will NOT be renewed or extended after a product repair or replacement.
• You must produce the sales receipt of the product as proof of purchase when a warranty claim is made, otherwise, Rediffusion DC Power holds no liability to replace or repair a product.
• Warranties are only offered to the original end user of the Rediffusion product. Warranties are not transferable to another party.
• Warranty terms only apply to products purchased directly though Rediffusion or authorised resellers.


For any product that is received that is found to not function at all (i.e. be dead-on-arrival) within 2 weeks of receiving the product, we will replace the product for free.
After this time, you may contact TOPO DC Power to find out if we will replace or repair the product.
Should you have any questions about the warranty conditions, contact us directly at:


Conditions and warranties are excluded to the extent that they are permitted by law. The warranty conditions set out by Topo are considered null and void if a defect, malfunction, or failure is caused by:
• Negligence in following proper product installation, operation, or repair/maintenance instructions/protocols.
• Use of a product for purposes other than those it was created or designed for.
• Neglect, poor handling, and/or accidental damage.
• Third-party alterations, repairs, and “mods”/modifications without the expressed written permission by Topo.
• Tampering or variations to product markings and labeling (e.g. warranty stickers, serial numbers, etc.).
• Contamination of products by foreign matter, foreign material, or other products.
• Incorrect charging methods, such as overcharging and undercharging.


This Warranty shall not apply to nor cover any of the following circumstances or costs:
• In all sales where the law does not exclude such limitations
• In a sale to a Consumer where the exclusion is prohibited except where the product is used for a personal domestic or household use and the product is not used for those purposes:
1. TOPO will take reasonable steps to provide product service and provide replacement parts where it is commercially prudent and possible to do so.
2. Repaired or exchanged items are warranted for the longer of the balance of the original product Warranty or 90 days from the date of service completion (whether warranty service or otherwise) on the same terms and conditions as the original warranty.
3. This Warranty is personal to the person or organisation that acquires the product from a TOPO or an authorised Reseller and may not be transferred to a subsequent owner (other that as provided in the Australian Consumer law)
4. If Courier Pickup and Return is required for your product, you are required to contact TOPO to arrange this service using TOPO designated freight carrier. TOPO will not accept charges or liability for any freight arranged by you. Please ensure that the product is sufficiently padded and boxed for transport.
5. TOPO does not accept any responsibility for damaged product in transport due to inappropriate packaging. This courier service is only applicable between your location and TOPO and may not be available in some areas. Transport time varies depending on location.
6. In sales to persons who are not defined as Consumers under the Australian Consumer Law and in sales to Consumers where products are NOT used for personal domestic or household purposes, TOPO liability is limited to the actual cost of repair or replacement of the product and does not extend to any other loss of whatsoever nature or howsoever incurred including any form of consequential damage or loss .
7. In the event of the product being incapable of repair or replacement TOPO may in its absolute discretion elect to refund the purchase price (actually paid by the customer) of the product in full discharge of its liability under this warranty.(except for sales to Consumers who in the case of a ‘major’ failure may elect a replacement or a refund).
8. Non-authorised disassembly of any product or attempted repair by persons not accredited or authorised by TOPO will void its warranty. This includes removal of covers or the replacement of internal fuses.
9. TOPO will not be responsible for any failure to perform its warranty obligations due to causes beyond it’s control, (force majeure) including, without limitation, fires, floods, earthquakes, explosions, accidents, acts of public enemy, wars, rebellions, insurrections, sabotage, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, labour disputes, labour shortages, transportation embargoes or failures or delays in transportation, inability to secure raw materials or machinery for the manufacture of their products and delivery of their services, acts of God, acts of any government or any agency thereof (including denials or onerous restrictions on required export licenses), and judicial actions.
10. If there is no fault found with the product a service fee will apply, plus any return freight charges, prior to the product being released. If the product is out of warranty the service fee will be included in the quote for repair. If the quote for repair is denied then the service fee will apply plus freight before the goods are released
(Explanation- Occasionally TOPO will receive a product that it cannot fault. Even after hours of testing some products will not fail. If the product cannot be faulted we cannot process a warranty or repair, and we are entitled to recover our time and costs.)


A service fee of $88, inclusive of GST will apply


To reduce the chances of sending us a product we cannot fault, we ask that you perform the following tests prior to returning the product:
1. Battery Condition: Please check the condition of the battery (specific gravity, shorted plates etc)
2. Quality of Power Supply: Stability of Power Supply is important for the correct operation of electrical products. Voltage spikes, low or excess voltage can all affect the performance of the product.
3. Excessive Load: If you are returning an inverter that is cutting out please ensure that the load being supplied does not exceed that of the product. It is worth noting that some microwaves may say 600W but in fact draw up to 1500W when heating.

Other Non-Included Warranty Items

• Any property or personal damage/injury, direct/indirect loss, consequential losses, and supplementary expenses are excluded to the extent that they are permitted by law.
• Changes in product condition or operational ability resulting from incorrect storage, fitting, application, maintenance, environment, or others as described and permitted by law.
• Extreme weather conditions.
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