Topo MAG Series: 2 Way Fused 4 Gang Magnetic 12V DC Power Switch Board

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Topo DC Power products bring forward first of its kind.
MAG Series: DC Power Distribution Boards.
Australian Designed and Manufactured

Say no more too costly mistakes, drilling and cutting out big holes in the walls of your vehicle, caravan or boat.

Say no more to being anchored to permanently installed power outlets.

Topo's MAG Series gives you the freedom to extend and take your power with you, from your vehicle to camp to vessel and surface mount practically anywhere.

Just Plug & Play from your 12volt power source. A simple, and smarter solution for complicated installation and wiring problems.

Topo's MAG series uses a strong magnetic mounting system making it functional, versatile, and practical. Stick it to Topo’s Lithium power systems or to any ferromagnetic surface.

Connect and supply power and charge many different devices and accessories offering a range of inputs for Ciga, Engel, Merit, and USB sockets. Protected in a tough and rugged 2 tones anodised aluminum housing. 

Ready for your next adventure, giving you access to power within arm's reach. 


Topo's MAG Series - Distribution Boards
Model: T-MUB2-003


  • Switchboard can be used in-series to add an additional Distribution power board or supply power.
  • 200mm Long, 2 tones ( Black/Grey) Anodised aluminum casing
  • Fitted with 2x 35A mini Black Anderson connectors.
  • Fitted with 4x Sockets ( 3x Ciga,1x Engel,)
  • Fitted with 15A Automotive fuse, Socket overload protection.
  • Fitted with 1x 16A Switch for Sockets master power On/Off
  • Fitted with LED Power On/Off Indicator.
  • Supplied with Dual 2.3A USB charger to suit Ciga socket. 
  • Supplied with 1x power connection cable of your choice:
    Type A: 1meter 35A Mini BLACK Connector to 35A Mini GREY Connector
    Type B: 1meter 50A GREY Anderson Type Plug to 35A Mini BLACK Connector
  • Supplied with 3mm thick metal mounting plate for holding Magnetic switchboard to non-metal surfaces.