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Model: T-CF-72AH.40.MO
72AH Centerfire | Built-in 40A DC/DC | Built-in Solar Controller | Wireless Ready

Wireless Monitor | 10A Mains Charger + MAG Board + Connector Set

1x User Manual

1 x Topo 12V/ 72Ah Centerfire Lithium,
Model: T-CF-72AH.40WR

1x Topo Wireless Monitor
     Model: T-12V-WBM

1 x Topo Magnetic Distribution Power board,
and short 35A Grey mini connector to 35A Black mini connector to suit
Option A: ( CIGA, CIGA, CIGA Socket)
Option B: ( CIGA, CIGA, ENGEL socket)

1 x Topo Centerfire Battery Charger/Power supply and leads to suit,
Model: T-PS-1210

1 x Centerfire connector pack
1 x Red 35A Connector (Solar)
1 x 50A Blue Anderson type connector (Vehicle)
2 x 35A Grey mini connectors ( Output)
1 x 50A Grey Anderson type connector ( Output)


Technical Data
Part Number T-CF-72AH.40MO
Dimensions (L x W x H) L30cm x W14cm x H21cm
Weight 10.5kg Centerfire unit only
Battery LiFeP04
Capacity 12v 72AH (864Wh)
Part Number T-PS-1210
Dimensions 24cm x 8cm x 5cm
Weight 0.7kg
Input 240V AC
Output 15V DC / 10A

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The Centerfire-lithium is the latest in mobile power solutions, size comparable to a 6pack of coldies. Built-in a sturdy steel casing and tailored for adventure on and off the trail, it is one tough and smart portable Plug & Play 12v power system.

A perfect traditional Vehicle Dual battery system replacement and more!
Flexibility of being charged  from mains, vehicle, and solar power sources



Topo’s power management system ensures your battery is protected

  • Protected from over and undercharging and over-discharging. 
  • Built-in Audible alarms.
  • Built-in Automatic High and Low Voltage shutdown.
  • Outputs protected with Magnetic circuit breakers. 
  • State of Charge battery monitoring and Net positive/negative amp meter.
  • Individually Colour coded, keyed, and clearly labeled Inputs and Output connections for Vehicle, Solar, Mains charging and 12V Output make it truly Plug and Play.

Draw and charge power from your battery safely and keep your fridge, lights, and accessories powered for longer. 


Clearly labeled and colour coded
Blue- Vehicle Charge input with built-in 40A DC/DC and Voltage Sense.
Red – Regulated Solar input, up to 25amps
Yellow- To suit Topo’s Mains Chargers

Grey –  12V DC Outputs
1x  12V / 50Amp output ( Peak 65 Amp draw)
2x  12V / 20Amp output ( Combined 40Amp draw)

Expandable with included 3 gang Mag Board DC power distribution.

Charge from One or ALL input charging sources simultaneously.

  • Utilise Topo’s built-in 40Amp DC/DC Charger for FAST Vehicle charging. When out on the road where Mains power is non-existent.
  • Topo’s built-in Vehicle voltage sense protects your vehicle starter battery from going flat when connected to vehicle charge.
  • Has a dedicated Solar charge input accepting unregulated solar power source. So you can safely charge, collect and store solar power from the sun when stationary to be used later in the evening.
  • Supplied with Topo’s 10Amp over nighter Mains charger.


  • Complete portable Plug & Play 12Volt  power system,
  • A massive 12V / 72Ah (864 Watt) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery,
  • Seamless “Wireless Ready” connectivity with Topo’s Wireless Monitor included
  • Weighs in at 10.5kg,  for one handed carry,
  • Topo’s inbuilt Vehicle “Voltage Sense” protects the starter battery from going flat,
  • Topo’s inbuilt 40Amp DC/DC vehicle charge,
  • Regulated solar charge input max 25A,
  • Tough Topo 10 Amp Mains charger,
  • Topo’s worlds first  Mag series 12Volt distribution board,
  • A handle that folds flat, allowing for easy transport and storage with no wasted space.
  • Clearly labled and Easy access to Centerfire charging inputs and outputs.