TOPO Systems Guide

How does a TOPO portable lithium system work?

Each unit has an On/Off switch located on the front panel of the metal casing and must be turned On for all charging.
To charge simply run the appropriate power cable from Mains (yellow), Vehicle (blue) or Solar (red) power source to the corresponding input, each input is individually colour coded and marked.
 Draw stored power from your battery from the available 12V outputs.
Grey Anderson type connector, rated at 50A
Grey mini connector, rated at 35A 
Add an additional TOPO MAG series distribution board offering even greater connectivity to 12V outlets and USB charging.

What can a TOPO Lithium System Power?

 Our systems range from 12V 72Ah up to 12V 216Ah battery capacity, able to provide power when and where you need it most - whether you're off the grid, on the go or on the trail, you can keep your fridge running, lights on and charge your phone, tablets, and countless other devices.  

The Topo Centerfire, is our most portable 12V power system. Comes with a powerful 12V/72Ah (864Wh) LiFePO4 battery that weighs in at around 10kg and equipped with fast charging.


The above should be used as a guide only. Many variables and factors can affect battery performance. Seek information in the guide for your device to work out Watt-Hours.            


TOPO Complete Lithium Systems Inputs and Outputs.

Charge all Topo Lithium power systems from Mains, connect directly to a vehicle's primary battery or attach a solar panel for fast, clean silent energy.
12V Outputs include 50A Anderson type connectors and 35A mini connectors. Connect an inverter, fridge, lights and accessories direct or  
extend your stored power with Topo's Mag series distribution boards increasing the variety and number of devices that can be charged at any given time.

What type of battery is being used?

TOPO DC POWER uses an A grade rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) prismatic cell. LiFePO4 cells offer high performance and are naturally stable.
The following capacities are available:
Portable Centerfire series - 12V 72Ah ( 864 Wh)
Long Range series - 12V 144Ah ( 1,728 Wh)
Long Range series - 12V 216Ah ( 2,592 Wh)  

What ambient temperature can a TOPO lithium system operate in

32° to 95°F (0° to 35°C) is optimal for storage and 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C) for normal operation.
Topo lithium power systems are not designed to be fitted under vehicle bonnets and installed / exposed directly under the weather. 

How do i charge my TOPO lithium power system?

You can charge your Topo DC power system from various sources and at the same time from mains power, vehicle DC supply or solar power. This gives you several options, the best of which will depend on your available power supply.
While the Centerfire can charge devices while charging, the included AC charger is only rated for 10A and any greater draw will result in depletion rather than charging of the battery.

How do i store my TOPO lithium power system?

For optimal battery health, when not in use, store your lithium power system fully charged at room temperature in a well ventilated, dry environment with no exposure to the elements. It must be switched off.
The battery will retain positive charge for 1 year.

How do i know when my TOPO lithium power system is fully charged?

A battery is fully charged when the Float LED indicator turns On and will toggle between boost and float modes when fully charged. The internal display panel of your lithium power system represents battery voltage. display battery voltage with 5 solid LED bars, 3 Green, 2 Amber when disconnected from all charging sources.

Need to dispose of a TOPO lithium battery?

As with all battery products, please review your local ordinances and guidelines as to the safe disposal or recycling of this lithium iron phosphate battery.

TOPO's Warranty?

All of TOPO DC POWER products are covered by a 24 month workshop warranty, subject to T&C's

Receive unparalleled manufacturer know-how and backup for all our products.
Continue to receive great after-sales service, advise and repairs long after the "warranty period". 



TOPO Technical Specifications.



10.5 Kg (   72Ah )
   20 Kg ( 144Ah )
   28 Kg ( 216Ah )

Dimensions (L x H x W)

29cm x 14cm x 21cm      (72Ah)
63cm x 12cm x 31.2cm (144Ah)
63cm x 15cm x 31.2cm (216Ah) 

Operating Temperature (Charge) 32º to 113ºF (0º to 45ºC)
Operating Temperature (Discharge) 32º to 113ºF (0º to 45ºC)

Optimal Storage Temperature/
Relative Humidity

32º to 95ºF (0º to 35ºC)
25% - 85%RH


AC input 240V AC, TOPO Mains Charger
Vehicle DC- DC Input
(Blue 50A Connector Type)
Above 40Amp draw
Solar DC Input
(Red 35A Connector Type)
Up to 20A from unregulated solar panels. Nominal 12V panels.
50A Grey Anderson  Rated at 50A
35A Grey Connector Rated at 35A


Cell Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Capacity      864Wh (12V 72Ah)
  1,728Wh (12V 144Ah)
  2,592Wh (12V 216Ah)
Cycles >2000 Cycles to 80% depending on usage and charging pattern
Shelf Life The battery will have a positive charge i.e. shelf life of 1 year
Battery Management System

TOPO's Built-in custom BMS
High Voltage audible alarm 
High Voltage cut-off
Low Voltage audible alarm 
Low Voltage cut-off
Hall effect magnetic circuit protection