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TOPO Systems Guide


The design of the Topo Centerfire reflects not only a product but also a philosophy.

The solid casing can wear the hard knocks and rigours of use. These knocks and scratches create a patina that tell stories about you and your adventures. On the inside is the perfection of a well-engineered product with all things in their rightful place. Combining this with a weathered or mundane outer case forms a contrast that is pleasing to the eye. Where true beauty comes when you combine perfection with imperfection.


What it can power.

The Centerfire comes in two capacities equipped either with a 12V/50Ah (600Wh) or 12V/72Ah (864Wh) battery. They provide power when and where you need it most - whether you're off the grid, on the go or on the trail, you can keep your fridge running and charge your phone, tablets, and countless other devices.  


The above should be used as a guide only. Many variables and factors can affect battery performance. Seek information in the guide for your device to work out Watt-Hours. 


Protective Features.

The Centerfire has many inbuilt features which allow you to safely get the most out of their high capacity (50AH (600Wh) or 72Ah(864Wh)) Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

The intelligent battery management system protects it from external factors such as over and under voltage. The Centerfire's on-board cell monitoring technology also ensure that your battery maintains maximum capacity longer.



Inputs and Outputs.

To charge the Centerfire, you can plug straight into Mains powerpoint, connect directly to a vehicle's primary battery or attach a solar panel for fast, clean energy.

The Centerfire can reach a full charge in just 3 to 4 hours when flat from Mains 23Amp battery charger, Vehicles inbuilt 20Amp DC-DC charger, or from Solar (max 20A solar input).

Including Topo's Mag series distribution boards, you can charge and power multiple devices at once, making the Centerfire a versatile tool and ideal portable power solutions.


Technical Specifications.


 Weight    9.5kg (50Ah model)
 11.3Kg (72Ah model)
Dimensions (L x H x W) 30cm x 19cm x 16cm
Operating Temperature (Charge) 32º to 113ºF (0º to 45ºC)
Operating Temperature (Discharge) 32º to 113ºF (0º to 45ºC)

Optimal Storage Temperature/
Relative Humidity

32º to 95ºF (0º to 35ºC)
25% - 85%RH


AC input 240V AC
Vehicle DC- DC Input
(Blue 35A Connector Type)
Above 25Amp draw
Solar DC Input
(Red 35A Connector Type)
Up to 20A from unregulated solar panels. Nominal 12V panels.
2 x USB ports (output) 5V, 2.3A
1 x 12V Outlet (output) 12V / 10A
1x 12V Outlet (output) 12V / 10A
Socket protection (across all sockets) 20A Self-resettable breaker
200W Maximum load (recommended)
12V DC Output (Grey 35A Connector type) 50A Self-resettable breaker 


Cell Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Capacity 600Wh (12V, 50Ah) or
864Wh (12V, 72Ah)
Cycles >2000 Cycles to 80% depending on usage and charging pattern
Shelf Life The battery will have a positive charge i.e. shelf life of 1 year
Battery Management System

TOPO's own custom BMS
High Voltage cutoff - 15.2V, audible alarm warning at 15V
Low Volatage cutoff - 11.8V, audiable alarm warning at 12V
Self-Resetting Thermal Breakers


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