Topo: 12V 144AH: Long Range Lithium System Complete Package

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Model: T-LRR-144AH-C100

Introducing Topo's NEW Long Range lithium system. 
Built-in a tough protective slimline steel casing is a powerful 12Volt / 144Amp, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. It is a vastly more stable and long-lasting battery than other lithium types, providing you with safe and convenient energy storage and transfer. 

A complete portable 12V System weighs in at 21kg(144AH), making it a much lighter alternative and its slim design makes it fit easily and nicely behind seats and canopies gaining valuable storage.

Includes Topo’s Wireless Battery monitor.
Topo’s innovative Wireless battery monitoring solution is a Plug & Play hands-free design, when paired together with a Wireless Ready Long Range Lithium system enhances the end-user experience. Offering you the convenience to check your battery system condition when fitted out of sight, while in the driver’s seat, as a passenger, or at camp. Simply be in range and plug into any 12Volt Ciga socket without the need of running cables, hardwiring, or the need to use a mobile App.

Includes Topo's 10A Mains Charger.
Built-in a tough and compact aluminum anodised casing, the Topo mains charger is a  handy addition for overnight powered sites or at home to top up your Topo lithium system when Mains 240V AC Power is available.
Also doubles as a 12V Power supply to suit Topo's Mag Series  Distribution Powerboards. 

Includes Topo's MAG Series 2 Way Magnetic Distribution Power Board.
Topo's MAG Series gives you the freedom to extend and take your power with you, from your vehicle to camp to vessel and surface mount practically anywhere.
Just Plug & Play from your 12volt power source. A simple, and smarter solution for complicated installation and wiring problems.
MAG series uses a strong magnetic mounting system making it functional, versatile, and practical. Stick it to Topo’s Lithium power systems or to any ferromagnetic surface.

The Long Range lithium system is simply packed full of features, all you need to keep you out powered for longer. 

Plug & Play, keeping your 12 Volt power system, easy, neat, and straightforward.


Topo's power management system ensures your battery is protected. 

  • Protected from over and undercharging and over-discharging. 

  • Built-in Audible alarms.

  • Built-in Automatic High and Low Voltage shutdown.

  • Outputs protected with Magnetic circuit breakers.

  • Individually Colour coded, keyed, and clearly labeled Inputs and Output connections for Vehicle, Solar, Mains charging and 12V Output make it truly Plug and Play.

Draw and charge power from your battery safely and keep your fridge, lights, and accessories powered for longer. 

Built-in fast charging

  • Utilise Topo's built-in 40Amp DC/DC Charger for Vehicle fast charging. When out on the road where Mains power is non-existent.
  • Topo's built-in Vehicle voltage sense protects your vehicle starter battery from going flat when connected to vehicle charge.

  • Has a dedicated Solar charge input for an unregulated solar power source. So you can charge, collect and store solar power from the sun when stationary to be used later in the evening.

Charge from One or ALL input charging sources simultaneously.  

Units built-in battery Monitoring and Wireless Monitor features

  • State of Charge Battery Fuel Gauge

  • Net Positive or Negative Amp meter display

  • Wireless-ready to suit Topo’s Plug & Play hands-free Wireless Monitor

  • Topo’s Wireless Monitor, with a 10-meter range

Clearly labeled and colour coded Inputs and Outputs

Blue- Vehicle Charge input with built-in 40A DC/DC and Voltage Sense
Red - Regulated Solar input, up to 25amps
Yellow- To suit Topo's Mains Chargers

Grey -  12V DC Outputs
             2x  12V / 50Amp output ( Combined 100Amp draw)
             2x  12V / 20Amp output ( Combined 40Amp draw)

The Long Range lithium features:

  • A massive 12V / 144Ah (1728 Watt)                   
  • A long-lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)battery,
  • Built-in a tough steel casing, 
  • Mounting brackets for easy installation
  • Topo's inbuilt Vehicle Charge Sense ( Dual battery controller)
  • Topo's inbuilt 40Amp DC/DC vehicle charger,
  • Regulated solar charge input,( Max 25Amps)
  • 12Volt Outputs
    2x 12V 50Amp ( Combined 100Amp draw)
    2x 12V 20Amps ( Combined 40Amp draw)
  • Net Positive or Negative Amp meter
  • State of charge battery capacity monitoring


Packing List: 

1x User Manual

1 x Topo 12V/ 144Ah Long Range Lithium,
      Model: T-LRR-144AH-WR

1x Topo Wireless Monitor
     Model: T-12V-WBM

1x Topo Centerfire - Battery charger/ Power supply  
     Model: T-PS-12-10

1x Topo Magnetic 2 Way fused Distribution Power board,
      and short 35A Grey mini connector to 35A Black mini connector to suit

      Option A: Model: T-MUB2-002
      ( Individually Switched 3 gang CIGA, CIGA, ENGEL socket + Dual 2.3A USB 

      Option B: Model: T-MUB2-003
      ( Single switched 4 gang CIGA, CIGA, CIGA, ENGEL socket + Dual 2.3A USB

1 x Set of Connectors to suit inputs and outputs,
     2x 50A Grey Anderson type Connector ( output)
     2x 35A Grey Mini Connector ( output)
     1x 35A Red Mini Connector ( Solar input)
     1x 50A Blue Anderson type connector( Vehicle input)

1x 80A Dual Midi Fuse ( Vehicle Charge connection)



Part Number


Dimensions (L x W x H)

63cm x 12cm x 31.2cm






12v 144AH (1728Watts)

Part Number T-12V-WBM
Supply Voltage 12V DC
Overall Dimensions (Lx W x H) 12cm x 6cm x 3.3cm
Weight 66 Grams
Part Number T-PS-1210
Dimensions 24cm x 8cm x 5cm
Weight 0.7Kg
Input 240V AC
Output 15V DC/ 10A 


For additional product features and specifications, please contact us.