What socket is best for you?

We supply a variety of different sockets. Read the descriptions below for an overview of the different types you can use to decide which will best suit your needs.

Ciga Socket: 


  • - Most commonly used DC power connector.
  • - Typically found in automobiles used as a direct 12V power outlet from vehicles alternator and cranking battery to power and charge battery powered accessories eg. Mobile phones, dash cams, GPS’s.
  • - Has the broadest range of accessories 
  • - This product is great for replacing damaged existing Ciga sockets or adding additional sockets in your vehicle, camper, or caravan in customised convenient locations.

Engel Socket: 

  • - Designed with a screw-in connection to make sure your gear stays connected even on the bumpiest of roads 
  • - Perfect for devices that need reliable connections such as the Engel fridges

Merit Socket: 

  • - Smaller in size than both ciga and engel sockets 
  • - Becoming more prevalent and the new standard in automotive power connectors
  • - High quality and heavy duty connectors that are well-suited for high current draw accessories 


USB Socket: 

  • - Originally designed for fast transfer information via computers and supplying power to external devices, current USB sockets are the ones you are most familiar with and are used to charge your portable devices such as smartphones and video game consoles
  • - Newer portable devices including tablets, smartphones and Apple products (iPhone, iPad) require a higher amperage USB socket for them to charge properly - TOPO DC Power's Universal USB Socket has the capabilities to charge these modern devices


All TOPO DC Power sockets are designed in Australia and made to their own specifications. They are made from durable PVC material and copper plated contacts complete with UV stable watertight sealed dust covers and mounting plate and are built to last.