Why TOPO DC Power


The design of the TOPO DC products reflects not only a product but also a philosophy.
The solid casing can wear the hard knocks and rigours of use. These knocks and scratches create a patina that tell stories about you and your adventures. On the inside is the perfection of a well-engineered product with all things in their rightful place. Combining this with a weathered or mundane outer case forms a contrast that is pleasing to the eye. Where true beauty comes when you combine perfection with imperfection.



TOPO Protective Features.

The Topo lithium power systems go hand in hand with the MAG series power distribution boards have many inbuilt features which allow you to safely get the most out of the high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and 12V systems.
The built-in intelligent battery management system protects it from external factors such as over and under charge and over discharge to ensure that you maximise your batteries performance.

What is the Centerfire Lithium?

The Centerfire is a portable power station. It comes with a 72Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and with inbuilt chargers, you can charge it from mains, vehicle DC supply and solar sources.
Built into a steel case for rugged reliability, the Centerfire is protected from the rigours of daily use and only weighs 10.5kg (72Ah). The Centerfire may be the most durable, capable, and versatile all-in-one power platform on the market with incredible modularity.
Replacement Lithium batteries are also available please TOPO DC Power for more details.

MAG Series Distribution Boards

This is why TOPO's lithium systems are so modular and easy to use! TOPO distribution boards are tough, modular and as easy as plug & play. No more need to drill holes in the walls of your vehicle, caravan or boat. No more need to be permanently installed to have effective power outlets.
TOPO MAG Distribution boards use a strong magnetic mounting system that allows the user to stick it to a TOPO Lithium system or any ferromagnetic surface. Plug it into one of your 12V outlets and its ready to go. With many options for size, the MAG series distribution board is the perfect addition for any 12 Volt system.

The Long Range Lithium System

TOPO's Long Range lithium is the latest in mobile power solutions, having the tourer camper and caravaner in mind for those extended planned trips away.
With either a massive 12v 144Ah or 216Ah lithium battery, this system will make sure you are able to maximize the length of your trips off the grid.
This system also manages to maintain to ease of use and plug & play-ability of the Centerfire. With a built-in tough protective slim line steel casing, this powerful series of long range Lithium systems is ideal for those who need a tough, extended and modular 12volt system.

What is the Uniqueness of TOPO Technology?

TOPO DC POWER is proudly a West Australian owned and operated company that designs & produces low voltage power solutions.
We value sustainable business practices and offer unparalleled manufacturer know-how and backup for all our products.

TOPO DC POWER develop their own battery management system specific to application that addresses the proper and safe use of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

Charge from Mains, Vehicle & Solar power sources simultaneously.
Technology developed by TOPO DC POWER allows end users to maximise the use of their 12V lithium power systems.
Charge from Mains - Topo Mains charger,10A and 23A options. 
Charge from Solar - Unregulated solar up to 25Amps 
 Charge from Vehicle - Built-in 40A DC-DC charger gives you the freedom to re imagine what a traditional dual battery system should be. Freedom to  take your 12V lithium power system where ever you go.  

Who is the Creator?

Topo is a family-owned Australian company that produces 12V power solutions. Founder, Francis has over 45 years experience and has created many well-established products and electrical components across the spectrum of DC power. These include agricultural electrical and electronics, off-grid and solar solutions as well as the recently popular Powertop portable power system. The Centerfire was created on the back of these experiences.